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New York, NY
SantaCon 2022

This is the main event - THE BIG ONE - please don’t get scammed by profiteers trying to sell you fake tickets to "SantaCon Crawl" events and such.

The NYC SantaCon is FREE to attend, however, to get into all the big venues you MUST make charitable contribution of $15.98 on the authorized Eventbrite ticket page (see below) or via our Facebook event page ("Tickets by Eventbrite").

The NYC SantaCon is a Charitable, Non-commercial, Non-political, Nonsensical Santa Claus Convention That Happens Once A Year To Spread Absurdist Joy.

Important: On the weekend of Santa Con, the LIRR implements an alcohol ban for the safety of all.

For ages 21+. Please donate. Click through to Eventbrite here:

Registration / Tickets

Get more info from the links below:

This shorter URL will also get you to this page: santacon.info/nyc

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UPDATE - The meeting location for this year's Santacon in New York City will be held at Golda Meir Square located on Broadway between West 39th and West 40th Streets starting at 10:00 AM. This is the exact same place where all the Santas met last year. This block will be closed to traffic. The organizers will have the huge, red party bus parked directly across Broadway on West 39th Street with live entertainment. Reindeer games and other Christmas/Holiday festivities will follow. All pubs, taverns, sport bars and restaurants participating can be found on the NYC Santacon website. Ho Ho Ho, see you on Saturday!
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