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Oklahoma City, OK
OKC Santa Crawl 2017

was on December 9th

On December 9th, Oklahoma City will literally be crawling with Santas! This one-day, adult-centered Santa Convention will feature hundreds of costumed Santas marching the streets of OKC. Starting with a Kickoff Celebration at 10am and ending at 6pm, participants will be encouraged to wear holiday costumes (Santas, Mrs. Claus, Reindeers, Christmas trees, etc.) and walk bar to bar for special deals at each stop.

There will be several opportunities for Santas to stop and participate in activities – including a costume contest, singing Christmas Carols, jump rope contests, etc.

Tickets required - OKC Santa Crawl will donate 100% of the participants’ ticket cost to charity.

Please invite others if you are joining!

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