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Advertising on SantaCon.info

SantaCon.info is primarily a non-commercial free service helping people participate in a local SantaCon event. It does not accept payment, sell tickets or otherwise seek to profit from this activity. Nevertheless, it is supported by advertising.

This is necessary now because Websanta has to work full-time on the site & related activities (e-mail mostly) during high season and, unlike jellyfish, Santa’s got to pay rent.

Originally, I tried to feature ads from every vendor that contacted me for whatever price they wanted to pay. I didn’t know what was a fair price back then but I’ve since learned that everyone was quite fair to me. Even so, it ended up being so much work that the income only really covered the time spent managing the ad system. Santa’s focus has to be on supporting SantaCon events - and Santa is only one man - so I had to stop this.

For a few years now, at peak season (Nov-Dec), SantaCon.info has been able to feature a single campaign from a major US retailer: All the santas get a great discount on gear & accessories and Websanta has only a single vendor to deal with. Everyone wins.

This is not guaranteed, it depends on how successful the previous year was. So, you know what I’m saying - when you see it, take advantage of it!

The rest of the year, when traffic to the site is low, I run generic ads (Adsense, Amazon) to try to cover the residual costs of keeping the site operational.

If you are a vendor wishing to promote your products/services, please Contact Santa directly via e-mail.