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Advertising on SantaCon.info

SantaCon.info is primarily a non-commercial free service helping people participate in a local SantaCon event. It does not accept payment, sell tickets or otherwise seek to profit from this activity. Nevertheless, it is supported by advertising.

This is necessary to cover the costs of running the website and also because Websanta has to work full-time on the site & related activities during high season and still has to pay his rent.

Update November 21st, 2018: Santa is switching from the exclusive deal that has supported the site for the past several years to a more open system.

Websanta is currently working on the details, but there will be 2 key requirements for the ads during Oct-Dec:

  1. They must be relevant to people attending SantaCon (Santa has absolute discretion regarding this).
  2. They must offer some kind of benefit, such as a discount, not available anywhere else.

If you are a vendor wishing to promote your products/services, please Contact Santa directly via e-mail.