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If you are organizing a Santacon, and/or have info that Santa needs, please scroll down and send Santa an e-mail right now.

If you want to drop Santa a line by e-mail, Santa wants to hear from you, even if it’s just to say “Ho!”

If you have questions, please check first to see if the answer is already on the site...

When does it start? etc.

SantaCon occurs in many cities around the world over the course of several weeks so questions like “What time does it start?” & “Where do we meet?” make Santa very unhappy because he doesn’t know how to reply.

Please first check the page for the SantaCon you’re interested in. These are all listed on the Locations page and everything Santa knows about a particular event is already there.

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If you have a question that others might want to know the answer to, please post a comment so Santa can answer publicly.

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