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[If you are organizing a Santacon, please skip straight to the bottom of this page and send Santa an e-mail now.]

Santa enjoys communication and loves to answer all e-mails with individual loving care and attention, however Santa's mail bag is easily overloaded (Santa is just one man) and he really appreciates it if you can avoid asking him questions that are already answered on this website.

Please read this page in its entirety before contacting Santa...

Are you receiving unwanted text messages about santacon on your phone?

Santa has heard about these and has learned that you can mostly stop them by replying with the word "STOP" and, if they are generated by Twitter, you can get more codes here: Twitter SMS commands

Note that such text messages do not come from SantaCon.info - SantaCon.info has never used this method of communication.

SantaCon.info is not on the social networks, sorry, only here at SantaCon.info. However, many of the individual events are on the networks and the links can be found on each event page (find the event page for the SantaCon you are interested in on the Locations page)

SantaCon.info doesn't have a Facebook page but many of the individual events do. Santa isn't on Linkedin - we asked but Linkedin doesn't believe in Santa. SantaCon.info doesn't Tweet but many of the individual santas do.

Santa's e-mail address is shown below but before you write to Santa please make sure your question isn't already answered on this website.

SantaCon occurs in many cities around the world over several weeks so questions like "What time does it start?" and "Where do we meet?" make Santa very unhappy because he doesn't know how to reply.

Each event is independently organized and Santa cannot answer questions of a local nature - that's what the individual event pages are for.

Please follow this procedure before writing to Santa:

  1. Read the info on the Home page.
  2. Read the info on the About page.
  3. Note that, as a general rule, SantaCon is free to attend unless the organizers clearly specify otherwise.
  4. Go to the Locations page and make sure you understand that SantaCon is more than a single event.
  5. If your question is about a specific location...
    1. Find the page for the SantaCon you are interested in on the Locations page
    2. Read the posts on the page
    3. Follow any official links that you see on the page
    4. Note that details such as precise meet-up locations & times are often not released until close to the date of the event (sometimes the evening before)
    5. Contact Santa if our question still remains unanswered (everything Santa knows about each SantaCon event is on the page for that event, however, if critical information is missing, Santa may be able to contact the organizers for an update)