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This page is dedicated to providing you with information about discount santa suits and other SantaCon essentials including special offers when available.

When attending a SantaCon, all kinds of Christmas/Holiday themed costumes are usually welcome and originality is always appreciated.

Mostly, we need you to show up dressed like Santa and this means nothing less than a full-on Santa costume.

A Santa hat alone is not enough!

Santa is normally able to provide some pretty good special offers for santas in the USA and these are usually posted here in October/November. It’s never guaranteed (it depends on the success of the previous year), but Santa does his best.

It’s more difficult for other countries because the supply & demand equation isn’t so good (SantaCon is huge in the States). Even so, Santa is always on the lookout and hopefully you will still see something here that enables you to look like Santa for your local event.

If you have info, suggestions, recommendations or actual products, please read the Advertising page before contacting Santa. Thanks.

Right now, I can only show you generic ads (which help cover Santa’s costs - see the Advertising page for more info).

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