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SantaCon 2018 locations

Experienced organizers please feel free to Contact Santa with your dates & info for this year.

New organizers, please see the About page before contacting Santa.

Here is a list of locations having one or more SantaCons this year (sorted in alphabetical order by city).

All dates are in December unless otherwise indicated. Dates that have already past are still included but are in italics.

Upcoming SantaCons sorted by date can be found under "SantaCon wordwide event calendar" on the Home page.

United StatesAustin, TX   8th
United StatesCharlotte, NC   15th
United StatesFredericksburg, VA   Nov 30th
VietnamHanoi   23rd
United StatesHayward, CA   1st
United StatesNew Bern, NC   15th
United StatesNorwich, CT   15th
FranceParis   16th
United StatesSan Francisco, CA   8th

Below are locations that have previously had a SantaCon but, as yet, we don't have any info about their events for this year...

Aarhus (Denmark), Adelaide (Australia), Albany (NY, United States), Albuquerque (NM, United States), Allentown (PA, United States), Anchorage (AK, United States), Ankara (Turkey), Ann Arbor (MI, United States), Annapolis (MD, United States), Appleton (WI, United States), Arcata (CA, United States), Asbury Park (NJ, United States), Asheville (NC, United States), Ashtabula (OH, United States), Aspen (CO, United States), Athens (GA, United States), Atlanta (GA, United States), Atlantic City (NJ, United States), Auckland (New Zealand), Augusta (GA, United States), Baltimore (MD, United States), Bangor (ME, United States), Bangkok (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain), Baton Rouge (LA, United States), Beacon (NY, United States), Beijing (China), Belfast (Ireland), Bellingham (WA, United States), Bend (OR, United States), Benicia (CA, United States), Berlin (Germany), Berlin (MD, United States), Bermuda (Bermuda), Bethlehem (PA, United States), Birmingham (United Kingdom), Birmingham (AL, United States), Black Rock (CT, United States), Bloomington (IN, United States), Boca Raton (FL, United States), Bogotá (Colombia), Boise (ID, United States), Boston (MA, United States), Boulder (CO, United States), Branson (MO, United States), Bremerton (WA, United States), Brisbane (Australia), Bristol (United Kingdom), Brooklyn (NY, United States), Brussels (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Buffalo (NY, United States), Burlington (VT, United States), Busan (Korea, Republic of), Calgary (AB, Canada), Campbell (CA, United States), Cancun (Mexico), Cape Canaveral (FL, United States), Cape Town (South Africa), Capitola (CA, United States), Carrboro (NC, United States), Chapel Hill (NC, United States), Charleston (SC, United States), Charlottesville (VA, United States), Charlottetown (PE, Canada), Cheyenne (WY, United States), Chia (Colombia), Chicago (IL, United States), Cincinnati (OH, United States), Clemson (SC, United States), Cleveland (OH, United States), Cocoa Beach (FL, United States), Cocoa Village (FL, United States), Colorada Springs (CO, United States), Columbia (MO, United States), Columbia (SC, United States), Columbus (OH, United States), Concord (NH, United States), Copenhagen (Denmark), Corning (NY, United States), Corpus Christi (TX, United States), Corvallis (OR, United States), Costa Mesa (CA, United States), Cupertino (CA, United States), Cusco (Peru), Da Nang (Vietnam), Daegu (Korea, Republic of), Dallas (TX, United States), Davis (CA, United States), Dayton (OH, United States), Delray Beach (FL, United States), Denver (CO, United States), Detroit (MI, United States), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Dobbs Ferry (NY, United States), Dublin (Ireland), Dubuque (IA, United States), Durban (South Africa), Durham (NC, United States), Düsseldorf (Germany), Dyckman Street (NY, United States), Eagle Rock (CA, United States), East Greenwich (RI, United States), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Edmonton (AB, Canada), El Paso (TX, United States), Eugene (OR, United States), Eureka (CA, United States), Fairbanks (AK, United States), Fargo (ND, United States), Farmingdale (NY, United States), Fayetteville (AR, United States), Fayetteville (NC, United States), Felton (CA, United States), Ferndale (MI, United States), Flagstaff (AZ, United States), Flint (MI, United States), Fort Lauderdale (FL, United States), Fort Collins (CO, United States), Fort Wayne (IN, United States), Fort Worth (TX, United States), Fresno (CA, United States), Gainesville (FL, United States), Geneva (Switzerland), Genova (United States), Gilbert (AZ, United States), Glenwood Springs (CO, United States), Granbury (TX, United States), Grand Rapids (MI, United States), Greensboro (NC, United States), Greenwich (CT, United States), Greenwood Lake (NY, United States), Guangzhou (China), Halifax (NS, Canada), Hamburg (Germany), Hamilton (ON, Canada), Hampton (VA, United States), Harrisburg (PA, United States), Hartford (CT, United States), Healdsburg (CA, United States), Helena (MT, United States), Helsinki (Finland), Hermosa Beach (CA, United States), Hickory (NC, United States), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hoboken (NJ, United States), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Honolulu (HI, United States), Hood River (OR, United States), Houston (TX, United States), Hunter (NY, United States), Huntington Beach (CA, United States), Indianapolis (IN, United States), Ipswich (MA, United States), Jacksonville (FL, United States), Johannesburg (South Africa), Jöhlingen (Germany), Joplin (MO, United States), Jupiter (FL, United States), Kalamazoo (MI, United States), Kansas City (MO, United States), Kathmandu (Nepal), Kent Island (MD, United States), Key West (FL, United States), Kitchener Waterloo (ON, Canada), Knoxville (TN, United States), Kona (HI, United States), La Crosse (WI, United States), Lakeland (FL, United States), Lafayette (LA, United States), Lahti (Finland), Lansing (MI, United States), Laramie (WY, United States), Las Vegas (NV, United States), Lawrence (KS, United States), Leicester (United Kingdom), Lethbridge (AB, Canada), Lewiston (NY, United States), Lexington (KY, United States), Lexington (VA, United States), Little Rock (AR, United States), London (United Kingdom), Long Beach (CA, United States), Long Island (NY, United States), Los Angeles (CA, United States), Louisville (KY, United States), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Lyon (France), Macomb (IL, United States), Madison (WI, United States), Madrid (Spain), Manama (Bahrain), Manasquan (NJ, United States), Manchester (NH, United States), Manhattan (KS, United States), Marburg (Germany), Maui (HI, United States), Mayville (WI, United States), McKinney (TX, United States), McMurdo Station (AQ, Antarctica), Melbourne (Australia), Memphis (TN, United States), Mesa (AZ, United States), Mexico City (Mexico), Miami (FL, United States), Michigan City (IN, United States), Middletown (CT, United States), Milwaukee (WI, United States), Missoula (MT, United States), Mobile (AL, United States), Modesto (CA, United States), Moncton (NB, Canada), Monroe (MI, United States), Monterey (CA, United States), Montreal (QC, Canada), Morristown (NJ, United States), Mountain View (CA, United States), Mumbai (India), München (Germany), Muncie (IN, United States), Mystic (CT, United States), Napoli (Italy), Naples (FL, United States), Nashville (TN, United States), New Bedford (MA, United States), New Brunswick (NJ, United States), New Haven (CT, United States), New Hope (PA, United States), New London (CT, United States), New Orleans (LA, United States), New Port Richey (FL, United States), New York (NY, United States), Newport (RI, United States), Newport Beach (CA, United States), Niagara Falls (ON, Canada), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Norfolk (VA, United States), Norman (OK, United States), North Myrtle Beach (SC, United States), Northampton (MA, United States), Novi (MI, United States), Nyack (NY, United States), Ocean City (MD, United States), Ogden (UT, United States), Okinawa (Japan), Oklahoma City (OK, United States), Olympia (WA, United States), Omaha (NE, United States), Orlando (FL, United States), Oslo (Norway), Ottawa (ON, Canada), Oxford (United Kingdom), Oxford (MS, United States), Palmer (AK, United States), Panama City Beach (FL, United States), Pasadena (CA, United States), Peekskill (NY, United States), Penzance (United Kingdom), Perth (Australia), Philadelphia (PA, United States), Phoenix (AZ, United States), Phuket (Thailand), Pittsburgh (PA, United States), Placerville (CA, United States), Plainfield (IL, United States), Portland (ME, United States), Portland (OR, United States), Portsmouth (NH, United States), Poughkeepsie (NY, United States), Prague (Czech Republic), Prescott (AZ, United States), Princeton (NJ, United States), Providence (RI, United States), Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Quito (Ecuador), Raleigh (NC, United States), Red Bank (NJ, United States), Redding (CA, United States), Redlands (CA, United States), Reno (NV, United States), Rehoboth Dewey (DE, United States), Reykjavik (Iceland), Richmond (VA, United States), Riverhead (NY, United States), Roanoke (VA, United States), Rochester (NY, United States), Rocky Mount (NC, United States), Rome (Italy), Royal Oak (MI, United States), Sacramento (CA, United States), Salem (OR, United States), Salida (CO, United States), Salta (Argentina), Salt Lake City (UT, United States), Sámara (Costa Rica), San Antonio (TX, United States), San Diego (CA, United States), San Jose (CA, United States), San Luis Obispo (CA, United States), San Luis Potosi (Mexico), San Rafael (CA, United States), Sandusky (OH, United States), Santa Barbara (CA, United States), Santa Cruz (CA, United States), Santa Fe (NM, United States), Santa Rosa (CA, United States), Sarasota (FL, United States), Saratoga Springs (NY, United States), Saugatuck Douglas (MI, United States), Savannah (GA, United States), Scottsdale (AZ, United States), Scranton (PA, United States), Seaside Heights (NJ, United States), Seattle (WA, United States), Seoul (Korea, Republic of), Shanghai (China), Shenzhen (China), Shirlington (VA, United States), Shreveport (LA, United States), Singapore (Singapore), Sioux Falls (SD, United States), Skowhegan (ME, United States), Sonoma (CA, United States), Split (Croatia), Spokane (WA, United States), Springfield (MO, United States), St Augustine (FL, United States), St Louis (MO, United States), St Paul (MN, United States), St Petersburg (FL, United States), Stamford (CT, United States), State College (PA, United States), Steamboat Springs (CO, United States), Stevensville (MD, United States), Stillwater (OK, United States), Stockholm (Sweden), Streatham (United Kingdom), Sudbury (ON, Canada), Summit County (CO, United States), Sun Valley Ketchum (ID, United States), Surfside Beach (TX, United States), Sydney (Australia), Syracuse (NY, United States), Tacoma (WA, United States), Tallahassee (FL, United States), Tampa (FL, United States), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tarrytown Sleepy Hollow (NY, United States), Tallinn (Estonia), Temecula (CA, United States), The Dalles (OR, United States), Thousand Oaks (CA, United States), Tokyo (Japan), Toronto (ON, Canada), Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago), Tucson (AZ, United States), Tulsa (OK, United States), Tuscaloosa (AL, United States), Uganda (Uganda), Umeå (Sweden), Utica (NY, United States), Vail (CO, United States), Vancouver (BC, Canada), Vancouver (WA, United States), Ventura (CA, United States), Victoria (BC, Canada), Vienna (Austria), Virginia Beach (VA, United States), Wallingford (CT, United States), Warsaw (Poland), Washington (DC, United States), Waterbury (CT, United States), Wenatchee (WA, United States), West Hartford (CT, United States), West Palm Beach (FL, United States), Westerly (RI, United States), Whitefish (MT, United States), Wichita (KS, United States), Wilmington (NC, United States), Windsor (CA, United States), Winnipeg (MB, Canada), Winston Salem (NC, United States), Yakima (WA, United States), Youngstown (OH, United States), Yountville (CA, United States), Zürich (Switzerland)