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Update August 24th 2015: Santa's back, back with a brand new bag of toys, and he has [probably] received your e-mail...

Websanta estimates it'll take about 2 weeks to catch-up so please be patient until Monday, September 7th (Labor Day in the US) by which time the traditional prompt service should fully restored.

In the meantime, please continue to Contact Santa with your event details but allow a few days for Santa to reply.

Peace, love and Ho! Ho! Ho!

SantaCon worldwide event calendar

If you know about a SantaCon that isn't listed here, especially if you are the organizer, please Contact Santa with a link to the event details.

New organizers, please see the About page before contacting Santa.

Below are the upcoming events that Santa knows about sorted in date order (and secondly in alphabetical order).

No SantaCons have been listed yet

Note about the calendar: The links in the SantaCon wordwide event calendar are set to expire if the event has already passed. This is based on the system time of our server which is set to US eastern time which means it could be as late as 7am the following day (e.g. in Fiji) or as early as 7pm on the day (e.g. in Hawaii).

For a complete list of SantaCon locations, please see the Locations page.

It's 2015 and SantaCon is 21!

Welcome to SantaCon.info where we [try to] maintain a complete list of every SantaCon event around the world.

2015 is the 21st Anniversary of SantaCon which began in San Francisco in 1994 (see the About page for more info). Yes, SantaCon is all grown up now but still believes in Santa!

We currently have pages for no less than 339 cities in 47 countries!

SantaCon.info is an established authority site (since 2008) run by Websanta who takes personal responsibility and pride in doing the best he can for Santas around the world (that means you).

The purpose of this website is to enable you/Santa to find (or create) and enjoy a SantaCon and to help ensure that it will be well-received by the local community.

For a complete list of SantaCon locations, please see the Locations page.