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Welcome to SantaCon.info where we maintain the most complete list of SantaCon events around the world.

We currently have pages for no less than 383 cities in 52 countries and some cities have more than one SantaCon!

SantaCon.info is the established authority site (since 2008) and is the work of one Santa - Websanta - who takes personal responsibility and pride in doing the best he can to enable you/Santa to find (or create) and enjoy a SantaCon near you.

It is a free service: SantaCons are listed here free of charge and SantaCon.info does not accept money from organizers or participants, not even donations. If you want to give, please do so at the local level.

SantaCon is gearing-up for 2017

Update September 25th: Santa is working hard to bring you the biggest & best SantaCon season ever. Use this page to key an eye on the worldwide event calendar - events are being added/updated every few days.

From punishing natural disasters to dangerous political uncertainty, 2017 has brought many challenges and Santa's heart goes out to everyone affected. At times, it can feel like the Grinch has stolen the entire year.

SantaCon is your opportunity to push back against adversity in the most bizarre way that only humans can - by dressing like Santa and having fun.

Remember that SantaCon has no agenda. It's about being silly to be sane and that is all. Find your nearest SantaCon and enjoy. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Last year, more than ever, Santa learned of various websites making false claims and trying to sell tickets. Please be careful not to get scammed. Use this guide:

  • Most SantaCons are completely F·R·E·E to attend
  • Many SantaCons request a donation which is completely optional (San Francisco is one of these)
  • Some SantaCons request a donation which gets you some benefits (NYC is one of these)
  • A few SantaCons are ticketed events, mainly because the organizers have excess costs that need to be covered
  • There are a lot of Santa themed events that are commercial
  • There are a lot of scams out there

SantaCon worldwide event calendar

If you know about a SantaCon that isn't listed here, especially if you are the organizer, please Contact Santa with a link to the event details.

New organizers, please see the About page before contacting Santa.

Below are the upcoming events that Santa knows about sorted in date order (and secondly in alphabetical order).

Boulder, CO Friday, November 24th
Fredericksburg, VA Friday, December 1st
Boston, MA Saturday, December 2nd
Chicago, IL Saturday, December 2nd
Hayward, CA Saturday, December 2nd
St Petersburg, FL Saturday, December 2nd
Stamford, CT Saturday, December 2nd
Albuquerque, NM Saturday, December 9th
Fort Collins, CO Saturday, December 9th
Manchester, NH Saturday, December 9th
München Saturday, December 9th
New York, NY Saturday, December 9th
Newport Beach, CA Saturday, December 9th
St Louis, MO Saturday, December 9th
Tokyo Saturday, December 9th
Wichita, KS Saturday, December 9th
Atlanta, GA Saturday, December 16th
Charlotte, NC Saturday, December 16th
Edmonton, AB Saturday, December 16th
Harrisburg, PA Saturday, December 16th
Jacksonville, FL Saturday, December 16th
Portland, OR Saturday, December 16th
Prague Saturday, December 16th
Santa Barbara, CA Saturday, December 16th
St Paul, MN Saturday, December 16th
Temecula, CA Saturday, December 16th
Vancouver, BC Saturday, December 16th
Jacksonville, FL Sunday, December 17th

Note about the calendar: The links in the SantaCon wordwide event calendar are set to expire if the event has already passed. This is based on the system time of our server which is set to US eastern time which means it could be as late as 7am the following day (e.g. in Fiji) or as early as 7pm on the day (e.g. in Hawaii).

For a complete list of SantaCon locations, please see the Locations page.