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The 2024 SantaCon Film Project

The SantaCon film project occasionally documents the events in various cities around the world - it is normally an international collaboration but can sometimes be the work of a single crew (which makes editing much easier).

The goal is usually to release the film on the Internet (Vimeo and/or Youtube) before Christmas of the following year.

What will the Final Film Look Like?

We estimate the final film will be 3 to 5 minutes in length and consist mainly of 1-2 second clips with 3-4 features of longer duration.

What Type of Santa Footage is Wanted?

Our aim is for this to be a funny, irreverent, ridiculous film that gives the uninitiated and idea of what to expect but also features the diversity of SantaCon unique to the current year.

This is intended to be a global film so landmarks, flags etc. are highly desirable.

Think visually stimulating Santa shots!

What do Filmmakers Need to Do?

  1. It helps if you have a clue and have participated in SantaCon before.
  2. Register your intent - simply Contact Santa so he can hook you up...
  3. Contact the organizers of the SantaCon you want to film so you can establish rapport and cultivate cooperation. If there isn’t one in your city you can (and should) create your own.
  4. Shoot in HD, 16:9.
  5. Edit together your best footage to a maximum of 2 minutes and upload it with credits to Vimeo (we may create a group dedicated to this) and inform Santa so your clip can be added to the project.