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SantaCon entry for Wikipedia

The SantaCon page on Wikipedia has been vandalized so we’re building our own here where it can be protected.

The Wikipedia entry used to be OK but a few years ago, someone with a personal vendetta against the New York SantaCon deleted all the info and replaced it with negative commentary directed against the NYC event.

All the links were also deleted - including links to SantaCon.info.

Attempts to provide a more balanced description have been reversed and I’ve been told that threats have been made against those to tried to make the corrections.

Who knew it could be like this? What else on Wikipedia can’t be trusted? I’d have thought someone responsible would have stepped in by now but it hasn’t happened.

Wikipedia main article

Wikipedia discussion

This is a project page for recovering the lost info, providing up-to-date info and presenting a more representative resource in a Wikipedia style.

It looks like being a lot of work and any help will be much appreciated.

For now, here are some historical notes from the old site:

SantaCon history

The first SantaCon took place in San Francisco in 1994 and was sponsored by The San Francisco Cacophony Society.

The original inspiration came from an earlier SF adventure club called The Suicide Club who’s founder came up with the idea after reading an article about a Danish political who mobbed a Copenhagen Department store just before Christmas. However, the first American and all subsequent SantaCons around the world are non-political, purely surreal Santa prank events.


SantaCon.info was founded in 2008 by Websanta to keep track of a few SantaCons in the eastern USA for himself and his friends.

As more & more people/santas found the site useful, Websanta took on the greater responsibility of running the site as a service to santas around the world.

As of December 2017, SantaCon.info had listings for more than 400 events in 397 cities across 52 countries.