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Chicago, IL
SantaCon 2018

General discussion

Chicago has more than one SantaCon.

Please use the comment system here for general discussion about Chicago and its SantaCons - each event has its own page with dedicated comments.

Right now Santa knows about 3 events:

SantaCon Chicago set for Dec 1, 2018

Free to attend. RSVP on Facebook encouraged.

Begins at 12:00 noon at The Bar Below.

Join us for a weird and wonderful annual bar crawl through the heart of downtown Chicago. Our crew launched the original Chicago SantaCon in 2005 and 2018 marks our 13th year!

Santa Suits or other Christmas-themed outfits are required. A Santa hat alone won’t cut it ya lazy bums. Most Santas prefer a basic suit but homemade costumes are always welcome.

SantaCon River North Not organized yet
SantaCon Logan Square Not organized yet
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