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Fargo, ND
SantaCon 2017

was on December 9th

For the 8th year, SantaCon comes to downtown Fargo, with holiday characters and a good cause. We will once again raise money and needed items for the Gladys Ray Shelter. We will collect toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, and razors. Also in need is warm hats and gloves. The pub crawl route is:

1:00 VFW
2:00 Group Photo - U.S. Bank Plaza
2:15 Rooters
3:00 HoDo
3:45 Rosey’s
4:30 Dempsey’s
5:15 Empire
6:00 Sidestreet
7:00 Pickled Parrot - prize giveaway at 7:30

In the meantime, dust off that Santa suit, find your ugly holiday sweater, or create your own fun costume. 1 bar per hour (approx.), fun people, and fairly responsible behavior. Start the season off with fun and philanthropy!

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