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Hoboken, NJ
SantaCon 2017

Saturday, December 16th

Similar to last year we will not be selling or distributing any wristbands of any kind and the event is totally free to attend if you're participating in just the bar crawl (Note: be wary of imitators - if someone tries to sell you a wristband to participate in the bar crawl, you are being scammed!!!). We will follow up with additional details about a fun side party when we get closer to the event.

There will be an option to yet again make a donation to charity so please be on the lookout for further details. This event was created in order to spread holiday season cheer - so be thoughtful of your community and fellow person.

***Note: this event is to be attended at your own risk and we have no affiliation with any other events running in Hoboken on this day. ****

All of the same rules apply as they always have, respect the town and the residents and let's have some some holiday fun!!

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