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Modesto, CA
SantaCon 2017

Saturday, December 16th

Meet at 5pm at the Bayou Bar and Grill on 13th street, Downtown Modesto.

To participate:

  1. Dress like Santa! Unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are appreciated also.
  2. Santa brings cash. Most bars downtown have agreed to allow Santa free entry. Make it easy on the bartenders by paying with cash.
  3. Santa doesn't mess with police, kids or security. We want to do this next year too!
  4. Santa doesn't drink and drive. Appoint a DD! We will also have a list of taxi services.

How much does it cost? Nothing to join us on the pubcrawl. Most bars have agreed to waive entry fee for Santas. How much you spend on drinks is up to you.

Keep Calm and Santa on!

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