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Palmer, AK
SantaCon 2017

was on December 9th

If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to start making or ordering your cheap, ill-fitting Santa suit or whatever your creative mind has drummed up for this year’s gathering. The Santa Pub Crawl encourages all variations of holiday themed costumes. People have dressed as Christmas trees, as candy canes, as elves, as Santas stuck in chimneys, as Santa Claws (a Santa lobster with pinchers the size of Frisbees).

In the spirit of Santarchy, no one is in charge. However, it sure would help to have one person making the call to ho-ho-ho it off to the next bar every hour or so. And in the past, we’ve had a group photo taken mid-way through the night. So if anyone wants to be that person, please do so.

*** The Santa Pub Crawl has only one rule: No stupid public drunkenness. Nothing will take the fun out of this event faster than that. Jolly is good. Drunken doofusness is not. Don’t be a doofus!

One more little naggy thing: Remember that taxis are cheap, and designated drivers even cheaper. DUI last forever and really take the merry out of the holiday season. Consider renting a hotel room downtown, check out Pioneer Motel, Eagle Hotel, or Valley Hotel for cheap rooms!!

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