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Portland, OR
SantaCon 2019

General discussion

Portland has more than one SantaCon.

Please use the comment system here for general discussion about Portland and its SantaCons - each event has its own page with dedicated comments.

Right now Santa knows about 3 events:

Stumptown - Dec 21, 2019

Starting at 2 pm at Ankeny Alley and Candy Ultra Lounge, including 30 venues, a DJ'd dance party in the street and 3 channels from Heartbeat Silent Disco at Santa's Playground brought to you by the Barrel Room.

100% Net proceeds go to support local charities. Last year we raised over $20,000.


This is a participatory event. Bring something festive event goers will enjoy: toys, games, stickers, buttons, signs, blinky lights and a kick-ass illuminated SantaCon costume: Please illuminate costumes cuz we LOVE it, it’s cool, and lights make for better more festive costume pix! ...And then there’s that safety thing we also love.

PDX SantaCon Not organized yet
NoPdxAnticon Not organized yet
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