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Comment system rules

  1. Comments are allowed on at Santa’s discretion and Santa’s discretion is absolute.
  2. Posts that Santa doesn’t like will be ruthlessly deleted and Santa doesn’t like posts that are rude, ignorant or stupid.
  3. Please ignore spam/troll comments - Santa will delete them along with any replies.

Santa monitors all the comments so you better be nice or it’s no prezzies for you.

Comment system features

  • Tap on a new comment to cancel its new notification.
  • Since everyone is called “Santa” you can tap on the name (Santa) or icon (Santa hat) to toggle a color hint to identify which comments that particular Santa wrote. There’s no guarantee that the color will be unique but it should be sufficient for the purpose. Note that this doesn’t apply to organizers or Websanta who are uniquely identified.*
  • The text area supports limited HTML, copy & paste, but all comments are aggressively sanitized.
  • Please use the Preview button to see how your comment will appear after it has been sanitized.
  • Rude words: It has a rude words converter. It’s meant to be a fun way of allowing you to convey your intended tone without causing offense and is easily defeated. If you defeat it, Santa will delete your comment (see the rules above).
  • Links to external URLs are made clickable via a noindex preview feature which means it’s safe to click on links in comments. It also means the comment system cannot be used to get free link juice from
  • If it doesn’t seem to be working properly please use the Console button to see if there are any error messages

* The special case of organizers

  • Upgrading to organizer status has to be done manually by Websanta - if you are an organizer please Contact Santa.
  • Organizers have an ID of the form, “Santa ~ Organizer” where Santa can be a custom name.
  • On the page of their own SantaCon, organizers’ avatars (santa hat) have a gold star and clicking on this image or the ID name triggers a JavaScript alert saying, “Verified organizer of this event”.
  • On pages other than their own SantaCon, organizers’ avatars are normal (no gold star) but their IDs/names are extended to “Organizer for location and clicking on the image or this name will take you to their page.

If you have questions or suggestions, please Contact Santa

See the Privacy page for additional info.