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SantaCon worldwide event calendar

Upcoming events are shown below. Links to all known SantaCons and a sortable table of events are on the Locations page.

Boulder, COFri, Nov 24th
Fredericksburg, VAFri, Dec 1st
Bethlehem, PASat, Dec 2nd
Decatur, GASat, Dec 2nd
Elizabeth City, NCSat, Dec 2nd
Felton, CASat, Dec 2nd
Hagerstown, MDSat, Dec 2nd
Hayward, CASat, Dec 2nd
Pensacola, FLSat, Dec 2nd
Portland, MESat, Dec 2nd
Monterey, CAWed, Dec 6th
Bloomington, INSat, Dec 9th
Cincinnati, OHSat, Dec 9th
Davenport, IASat, Dec 9th
MünchenSat, Dec 9th
Nashville, TNSat, Dec 9th
New York, NYSat, Dec 9th
San Francisco, CASat, Dec 9th
St Petersburg, FLSat, Dec 9th
Wilmington, NCSat, Dec 9th
Atlanta, GASat, Dec 16th
Capitola, CASat, Dec 16th
Norwich, CTSat, Dec 16th
Portland, ORSat, Dec 16th
Sonoma, CASat, Dec 16th
St Paul, MNSat, Dec 16th
Cocoa Village, FLSat, Dec 23rd
Monterey, CASun, Dec 24th

SantaCons are normally in December (although there are a few exceptions) and, while some dates may be available early in the year, most are not published until September at the earliest.