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We will have fun again soon.

SantaCon 2021 is… ho-ho-hopefully going to happen has the most complete source of info for worldwide SantaCon events on the Internet.

However. while of the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, we are currently listing only locations and are not actively promoting events. is the established authority site for SantaCon information. It is the work of one santa - Websanta - who takes personal responsibility and pride in doing the best he can to enable you/Santa to find (or create) and enjoy a SantaCon wherever you happen to be.

This is a free service: SantaCons are listed here completely free of charge. No money is accepted from organizers or participants. This includes donations: If you want to give, please give locally.

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SantaCon worldwide event calendar

* The calendar is currently suspended *

Global pandemic COVID-19

We are not currently promoting events as part of Santa’s effort to discourage large in-person gatherings.

Please stay home & stay safe.